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Electrochemical Publications Ltd
We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed distributors of book titles published by Electrochemical Publications Ltd.

New Book available now:

Electroplating of the Lesser-Known Precious Metals - Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Rhenium, Osmium, Revised Edition by Terry Jones. ...extensive details are given of the physical and chemical properties of the deposits. ... more

New Books & CDs available now

The Identification & Prevention of Defects on Anodized Aluminium Parts by Ted Short
The author sets out a defect classification system, in terms of the visual appearance, and also the stage of the process where the problem originates, not excluding the incoming alloy itself.

Copper Plating by N. Kanani
This volume seeks to cover all aspects of electroplating and electroless plating of copper ... includes a CD-ROM database holding over 7000 abstracts related to all aspects of the subject.



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A Cradle of Inventions:
British Patents 1617 to 1895

A fully searchable database of around 520,000 British patent titles, numbers, their dates and inventors.

Adapted from the work of the great Bennet Woodcroft around the mid-19th century, it forms a unique "key" to a treasury of innovations patented from 1617 up to 1895, which triggered the Industrial Revolution, so changing our world forever.

Now including 3,300 early Scottish Patents!
For a brief period, Scotland operated its own patent filing system. Inventors,
patent titles etc are collected here, this information is not available, as far as we know, anywhere else.